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This QUEX S technology was first governmentally registered as safe and effective in 1989. Over 200 studies, articles, clinical research papers on the QUEX S have been published in recognized peer reviewed medical journals. The QUEX S studies have been quoted in over 50 Certified Medical University textbooks. The QUEX S is taught in Neuro-Electro-Physiology, Biofeedback thru Bio-Resonance classes in several fully accredited European Medical Universities. Using age old proven techniques of biofeedback, meridian therapy and electrical stimulation in a modern new age process we can minimize medication risks and do away with many of them. Age old proven natural medicine techniques now new and improved for you.

  • Over 35,000 devices have been sold all over the world since 1989 with no reports of any substantial risk proving it safe. Many double blind studies proving the QUEX S effective. Clinical studies over the last 30 years have made the QUEX S the most researched and validated energetic medical device in history.
  • As people awaken to more natural and German energetic medicine techniques, QUEX S has at last validated, substantiated and verified the healing art of German Energetic Medicine.

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