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QUEX ED 64 software - main program

The QUEX ED 64 is the operating system for QUEX S / INDIGO / QUEX ED devices, the world's most comprehensive medical software for today's energy medicine. With each new release, the software is completed and enhanced to provide our biofeedback specialists with the best ways to help their clients manage their stress.

Some specific applications of QUEX ED 64 are:

  • The correction of the meridians system
  • The automatic scalar program
  • The Trivector program
  • Muscular rehabilitation for athletes
  • Muscle rehabilitation for injured muscles
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • EMG, EEG, ECG, GSR biofeedback curves
  • Training of reactivity to hyper-allergens
The QUEX ED 64 - 3 additional modules:

The Body Viewer is a biofeedback program with guided imagery that contains a large database of 3D videos and images of the human body, organs, acupuncture points and meridians, sacred geometry, chakras and much more. Moreover. This 3D visual program is designed to enhance the biofeedback experience.

The Dictionary of Diseases is an information program designed to provide support to anyone interested in learning because it offers a considerable amount of information about a list of medical problems, as well as options for working with the client with applied methods of acupuncture, biofeedback, homeopathy, behavioral medicine and naturopathy.

The Iridology program offers the practitioner the opportunity to access all the reports loaded from the main program without disturbing or interrupting the biofeedback session. It also contains a massive collection of data on iridology, an alternative medicine technique.

BIG software (Graphical interface of biofeedback)

The biofeedback GUI is an external program like the Body Viewer, Iridology, and the Disease Dictionary, which can be used alone or with the main QUEX ED 64 software.

A new feature added to the BIG will always show what energy goes in the body and which one comes back to validate and check the Quantum Biofeedback. It works with QUEX S and QUEX ED. Now our devices are no longer black boxes without real visual display or justification. Now, we can see multiple signal generators developing a 3D circular resonance field to maximize healing. We can choose to have a type of harmonics intensify 3D stimulation or have multiple generators stimulate the chakras to heal organs and energy. Now, the full autofocus part of the program can be viewed when it works.

The Biofeedback GUI (BIG) is an illustration of the QUEX S / QUEX ED Biofeedback features: see the stress responses of our body and be able to track changes and changes that occur in different physiological parameters.

The Energy Card is a panel that allows the practitioner to see in real time the changes in the physiological parameters of the electrical body.

Anti-smoking software

Anti-smoking is an optional, available-to-purchase program that has been proven effective in helping to reduce the stress associated with stopping smoking. The return on the Anti-smoking program is very positive and it is one of the programs that our practitioners prefer to use when working to relieve the stress of tobacco-dependent clients.

The Prayer Mill Software

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Prayer Wheel uses ancient Thibetian philosophy and a mind-stabilizing technique that shapes the mind while the body is in motion and achieves an inner state of mind. calm and meditative.

The Cybermagnetic Chair

Using the computer's headphone and microphone jacks, we can first look for energetic disturbances in the patient's voice and then choose audio files to help him relax, heal himself or herself. or to increase one's energy. The music is sent into the body through the headphones and a magnetic field generator. A magnetic field detector then receives signals from the establishing body thereby establishing a cybermagnetic loop. The computer can then change the music to help the electric body of the patient.


In normal use, therapeutic waveforms are sent to the patient through the head harness. Energy must move through the body to be used where it is needed. Localized treatment is possible when the head harness is placed near a focal area, for example for the treatment of fibrositis in the shoulder or injury when using the degenerative program.

Fasteners allow energy to be even more focused and therefore potentially more efficient. Power does not have to travel so far. The water jet of a pipe will clean an area on the wall of a pool if it is applied locally rather than having to travel through a body of water first. Note however that this is not the complete picture: more is not necessarily better. The wave of energy is subtle and it is the form rather than the power that is important. Apply locally means that frequencies are not absorbed en route and no longer available for the specific aspect selected